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  • Teii Odae, ab Henrico Stephano luce & Latinitate...

    • Anacreon
    • Cantabrigiae [Cambridge]: Ex Officina Joan. Hayes, 1684
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  • The History of Catiline’s Conspiracy, and the Jugurthine...

    • Sallust
    • London: Printed for D. Browne, A. Millar, G. Keith, W. Owen, R. Griffith, P. Davey and B. Law, 1757
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  • Enkheiridion. Ex editione Joannis Upton accurate expressum.

    • Epictetus
    • Glasguae [Glasgow]: In aedibus academicis excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis, 1758
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  • Satyrae. Tabulis Aeneis illustravit, et notas variorum selectas,...

    • Juvenal & Persius
    • Cambridge: Prostant venales Londini, apud Gul. Sandby,, 1763
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  • Hai tou Anakreontos ōdai. Kai ta tēs Sapphous,...

    • Anacreon
    • Glasguae [Glasgow]: Excudebant R. & A. Foulis, 1777
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  • Bucolica, Georgica, et Aeneis. Ex recensione Alexandri Cuningamii...

    • Virgil
    • Edinburgi [Edinburgh]: Apud G. Hamilton & J. Balfour, 1743
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  • Quae extant. Ex editione Danielis Heinsii expressa.

    • Theocritus
    • Glasguae [Glasgow]: In aedibus Academicis excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis, 1746
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  • Historiarum Libri.

    • Curtius Rufus, Quintus
    • Edinburgi [Edinburgh]: Apud Robertum Freebarnium, 1732
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  • Psyche et Cupido. Cura Ludovici C. Purser.

    • Apuleius
    • Londini [London]: [Riccardi Press for the Medici Society], 1913
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  • Opera Omnia. Cura E.C. Wickham.

    • Horace
    • Londini [London]: [Riccardi Press for the Medici Society], 1910
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