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  • Heads of Ancient History, from the Deluge to...

    • [Gurney, Hudson]
    • London: Printed by B. Howlett, 1814
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  • The Life of John Metcalf, commonly called Blind...

    • (Metcalf, John)
    • York: Printed by E. and R. Peck, 1795
    £150 Find Out More
  • Memoirs concerning the ancient Alliance between the French...

    • (Auld Alliance)
    • Edinburgh: Printed by W. Cheyne, and sold by W. Gordon, 1751
    £150 Find Out More
  • Some Remarkable Passages in the Life of the...

    • Doddridge, Philip
    • London: Printed for T. Longman [and 16 others, including Darton & Harvey], 1792
    £95 Find Out More
  • Memoirs concerning the affairs of Scotland, from Queen...

    • [Lockhart, George]
    • London: Printed: and sold by J. Baker, 1714
    £100 Find Out More
  • The Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland....

    • Bateman, John
    • London: Harrison, 1879
    £80 Find Out More
  • Culloden Papers: comprising an extensive and interesting correspondence...

    • Forbes, Duncan, of Culloden
    • London: Printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1815
    £225 Find Out More
  • Sketches of the Character, Manners and Present State...

    • Stewart, David
    • Edinburgh: Printed for Archibald Constable & Co., 1822
    £120 Find Out More
  • The Irish Historical Library. Pointing at Most of...

    • Nicolson, William
    • Dublin: Printed for Aaron Rhames, for R. Owen, 1724
    £145 Find Out More
  • The Secret History of Colonel Hooke’s Negotiations in...

    • Hooke, Nathaniel
    • London: T. Becket, 1760
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