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  • Regiam Majestatem. The auld lawes and constitutions of...

    • (Scots Law) Skene, John (ed.)
    • Edinburgh: Printed for John Wood, 1774
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  • Highways: a Treatise, shewing the Hardships and Inconveniences...

    • Shapleigh, John
    • London: Printed for S. Birt [2nd work:] for W. Owen, 1750
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  • The Works of that Eminent and Learned Lawyer,...

    • Mackenzie, George
    • Edinburgh: Printed and Publish'd by James Watson, 1716
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  • The Laws and Acts of Parliament made by...

    • (Scots Law)
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Iosua van Solingen; Printed by David Lindsay; Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson; Printed by George Mosman, 1685
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  • Statute Law of Scotland Abridged. With Historical Notes.

    • (Scots Law)
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Sands, Donaldson, Murray, and Cochran. For A. Kincaid and A. Donaldson, 1757
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  • Instructions for the Establishment of Savings’ Banks, With...

    • (Banking)
    • London: Printed by W. Clowes And Sons, 1837
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  • The Law Relating to India, and the East-India...

    • (East India Company)
    • London: Wm. H. Allen & Co, 1842
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  • Notes, for the use of Students of the...

    • Bayne, Alexander
    • Edinburgh: Printed by W. Cheyne, 1749
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  • A Digest of the Public General Statutes, from...

    • Tyrwhitt, Robert Philip and Thomas William Tyndale
    • London: Printed by A. Strahan... for Joseph Butterworth and Son, 1822
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  • Tenants Law: a treatise of great use, for...

    • (Law) 'R.T. Gent.'
    • London: Printed by T.M. for S.S. and are to be sold by W. Jacob, 1670
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