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  • The Works of Mr Abraham Cowley. Consisting of...

    • Cowley, Abraham
    • London: Printed by J. M. for Henry Herringman, 1669
    £400 Find Out More
  • The Ministry of Water, Two Poems by Hugh...

    • MacDiarmid, Hugh
    • Glasgow: Duncan Glen, 1964
    £100 Find Out More
  • Effusions of Love from Chatelar to Mary, Queen...

    • [Ireland, William Henry]
    • London: Printed for B. Crosby And Co., 1808
    £120 Find Out More
  • Telemachus, a Mask.

    • Graham, George
    • Glasgow: Printed by Robert and Andrew Foulis, 1767
    £200 Find Out More
  • The Cabinet of Momus, and Caledonian Humorist; being...

    • (Humour)
    • London: Printed by G. Auld… for W. Cavell [and 6 others], 1786
    £250 Find Out More
  • The Idler. By the author of the Rambler....

    • Johnson, Samuel
    • London: Printed for the booksellers, 1791
    £120 Find Out More
  • Poems by Allan Ramsay. The fourth edition.

    • Ramsay, Allan
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Mr. Thomas Ruddiman, for and sold by the Author, 1727
    £800 Find Out More
  • The Works of James the First, King of...

    • James I, King of Scotland
    • Glasgow: Printed by W. Lang, sold by Brash and Co. [et al.], 1825
    £60 Find Out More
  • The Moor’s Last Sigh.

    • Rushdie, Salman
    • London: Jonathan Cape, 1995
    £30 Find Out More
  • The Epigoniad. A Poem. In nine books.

    • [Wilkie, William]
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Hamilton, Balfour, & Neill, 1757
    £120 Find Out More

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