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  • The Signs of the Times: or the Overthrow...

    • Bicheno, James
    • London: Printed for the Author... Edinburgh: Reprinted, and sold by J. Ogle, 1794
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  • The Everlasting Espousals, betwixt Jesus Christ and Believers:...

    • Boston, Thomas
    • Glasgow: Printed by Alex. Adam, for George Caldwell, 1780
    £60 Find Out More
  • The modern pleas for comprehension, toleration, and the...

    • Tomkins, Thomas
    • London: Printed for R. Royston, 1675
    £250 Find Out More
  • Some Observations concerning the Church of Christ.

    • Cudworth, William
    • London: Printed by J. Hart, 1745
    £125 Find Out More
  • Free Thoughts upon the Doctrines of Election, Fall...

    • Cudworth, William
    • London: Printed by J. Hart, and sold by M. Cooper, 1747
    £150 Find Out More
  • Four Grand Questions Proposed, and briefly Answered. Wherein...

    • (Popery)
    • London: Printed in the year, 1689
    £100 Find Out More
  • Englands Eben-Ezer or, Stone of Help. Set up...

    • Arrowsmith, John
    • London: Printed by Robert Leyburn, for Samuel Man, 1645
    £80 Find Out More
  • A Seasonable Admonition and Exhortation to some who...

    • (Church of Scotland)
    • Edinburgh: Printed by George Mosmam [sic], 1699
    £100 Find Out More
  • Church-communion enquired into: or a treatise against separation...

    • Shields, Alexander
    • [Edinburgh?]: Printed in the year, 1706
    £175 Find Out More
  • A Guide to Eternal Glory: or, Brief Directions...

    • [Wilcox, Thomas]
    • London: Printed for Nath. Crouch, 1685
    £800 Find Out More

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