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  • Remarks upon the Bishop of London’s Pastoral Letter....

    • Seagrave, Robert
    • London: Printed for J. Oswald, and R. Hett, 1739
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  • A Letter to The Fellows of a College,...

    • (Tenancy)
    • London: Printed for J. Fletcher and Co., 1765
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  • Instructions for the Establishment of Savings’ Banks, With...

    • (Banking)
    • London: Printed by W. Clowes And Sons, 1837
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  • The Art of Politicks. In Imitation of Horace’s...

    • [Bramston, James]
    • London: Printed for Lawton Gilliver, 1729
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  • Doing good unto all men, especially unto them...

    • Denham, Joseph
    • London: Printed for R. Hett, 1741
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