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  • Philosophical Principles of Natural Religion: Containing the Elements...

    • Cheyne, George
    • London: Printed for George Strahan, 1705
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  • Select Sermons of Dr. Whichcot. In two parts.

    • Whichcote, Benjamin
    • Edinbugh [Edinburgh]: Printed by T.W. and T. Ruddimans for G. Hamilton and J. Balfour, 1742
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  • Two Essays. The Former, a Defense of the...

    • Squire, Samuel
    • Cambridge: Printed by J. Bentham... for W. Thurlbourn, 1741
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  • Human Nature in its Four-Fold State of Primitive...

    • Boston, Thomas
    • Bungay: Printed and Published by C. Brightly & Co., 1812
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  • Three Treatises. The First Concerning Art. The Second...

    • Harris, James
    • London: Printed for John Nourse and Paul Vaillant, 1765
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  • Aphorisms on man. Translated from the original manuscript...

    • Lavater, Johann Casper
    • Newburyport [Massachusetts]: George Jerry Osborne, Guttemberg's Head, 1793
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