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  • An Historical and Classical Dictionary: containing the lives...

    • Noorthouck, John
    • London: Printed for W. Strahan, and T. Cadell, 1776
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  • A Provincial Glossary; with a collection of local...

    • Grose, Francis
    • London: Printed for Edward Jeffery, 1811
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  • Hidden Things brought to Light, for the Increase...

    • Axford, John
    • London: Printed for D. Mertan and J. Hamlton [sic], 1701
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  • Laconics: or the best words of the best...

    • Timbs, John, ed.
    • London: S.W. Sustenance, 1831
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  • Etymologicon linguæ Anglicanæ, seu Explicatio vocum Anglicarum etymologica...

    • Skinner, Stephen
    • Londini [London]: Typis T. Roycroft, 1671
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