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  • Experiences of a Railway Guard. Thrilling Stories of...

    • Ferguson, James
    • Dundee: Campbell & Meldrum, Ltd., 1913
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  • A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland.

    • Johnson, Samuel
    • London: Printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell, 1775
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  • The Works of that Eminent and Learned Lawyer,...

    • Mackenzie, George
    • Edinburgh: Printed and Publish'd by James Watson, 1716
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  • The Peerage of Scotland: Containing an Historical and...

    • Crawfurd, George
    • Edinburgh: Printed for the Author: sold by George Stewart, 1716
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  • The History of Rutherglen and East-Kilbride. Published with...

    • Ure, David
    • Glasgow: David Niven, 1793
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  • Scotichronicon genuinum, una cum eiusdem supplemento ac continuatione.

    • Fordun, John
    • Oxonii [Oxford]: e Theatro Sheldoniano, 1722
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  • Critical Dissertations on the Origin, Antiquities, Language, Government,...

    • Macpherson, John
    • London: Printed for T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1768
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  • L’Ascanius Moderne, ou l’Illustre Avanturier… Traduction de l’Anglois.

    • Griffiths, Ralph
    • Edimbourg [Edinburgh, but actually France]: [n. pr.], 1763
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  • The Laws and Acts of Parliament made by...

    • (Scots Law)
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Iosua van Solingen; Printed by David Lindsay; Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson; Printed by George Mosman, 1685
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  • Statute Law of Scotland Abridged. With Historical Notes.

    • (Scots Law)
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Sands, Donaldson, Murray, and Cochran. For A. Kincaid and A. Donaldson, 1757
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