Complete Set of Leatherbound New Naturalists.

  • (New Naturalists)
  • London: HarperCollins 2006


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37 vols., FIRST EDITIONS, large 8vo, various paginations. Each vol. one of a limited number (ranging from 50 to 250) specially bound in full brown leather, spines lettered in gilt, hand-numbered (or lettered) and signed by the author(s) on a tipped-in slip, pictorial dustjackets where issued signed by the illustrator, brown cloth slipcases. All in fine condition as issued. With a small group of related ephemera – publisher’s catalogues & event invitations, etc.


A complete set of all the special leatherbound New Naturalists issued to date, an almost unrepeatable opportunity to acquire the full collection of these special issues in the smallest possible limitations.
To celebrate volume 100 in the series in 2006, a special issue of 100 copies, bound in 'dark brown Ross Napa leather' and signed by the author, was produced and sold by special ballot, which was wildly oversubscribed. Due to the amount of interest, Collins formed a plan to repeat the process, beginning in 2008 with volume 106. This was intended to be an edition of 400 copies (as stated on the limitation slip), though this overestimated demand after the excitement of the 'century' and the actual run ended up being 250 copies. Volume 107 was also 250 copies, then volume 108 was intended to be 250 but ended up at 150, 109-110 also 150 copies, 111 a run of 100 copies, 112-115 just 75 copies, and the remainder, 116-140 plus the special volume 'Collecting the New Naturalists' (2015), limited to 50 copies each.
But in addition to the numbered runs, a special limitation of 8 copies of all volumes apart from 100 was produced for the author(s), editorial board, and the Collins archive. This set comprises almost entirely copies from that extra small limitation, variously lettered B, D, E, F, G, or H - the exceptions are vol. 117 (numbered '3' - though this is perhaps a slip of the hand for 'B') and, naturally, vol. 100, which here is copy 43 of 100. Volume 100 and the first half dozen that followed, plus 'Collecting' were issued without dustjackets - just with plain paper wrappers to protect the leather, which are present on vols. 108-111 - while from vol. 112 onward, the famous illustrated dustjackets were included, each of them signed by the illustrator, Robert Gillmor. Full list of titles and limitations available on request.

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