Twenty-one sermons and pamphlets on Henry Sacheverell, Roger Maynwaring, and other controversies relating to royal prerogative.

  • (Sacheverell, Henry)
  • London [mostly]: [various imprints] 1709


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21 pamphlets, 8vo. Bound together in contemporary sprinkled calf, ruled in blind, morocco label to spine (reading ‘Pamphlets Vol. III’), manuscript table of contents to front endpapers. Paper of variable quality with some browning and spotting, one pamphlet with a small wormtrack in blank margin, a few small stains and edge-tears. Binding a little rubbed at extremities, slightly marked, spine darkened. Early inscription to title-page of first work.


A contemporary pamphlet collection relating to religious controversies, primarily the impeachment of Henry Sacheverell (1674-1724) after his November 5th sermon which compared dissenters to Catholics, denying the accepted comparison between the Glorious Revolution and the failure of the Gunpowder Plot. Among the texts are the two sermons for which Sacheverell was impeached, the speeches he made during the impeachment, Gilbert Burnet's response to the impeachment and reponses to that, and further reflections on Sacheverell's sermons by other authors. The collection then moves to Roger Maynwaring (1589-1653), who had been impeached by the House of Commons in 1628 for preaching in favour of the royal prerogative; these are reprints contemporary to Sacheverell, to whom Maynwaring is compared on one title-page. The last few pamphlets pick up the argument between Offspring Blackall (1655-1716), Bishop of Exeter, and Benjamin Hoadly (1676-1761) over their understanding of the validity of the Glorious Revolution and resistance to a reigning sovereign, with contributions by the Irish controversialist Charles Leslie (1650-1722). Many of the pamphlets went through multiple issues, both authorised and not, with this volume containing a mixture. Two of Blackall's texts are here in versions printed by the notorious pirating printer Henry Hills junior, who adds to his imprints 'for the benefit of the poor'.
The full contents are:
1. Sacheverell, Henry. The Perils of False Brethren, both in Church, and State. Set forth in a Sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of London, at the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, on the 5th of November, 1709. London: Printed for Henry Clements, 1709. ESTC N8926.
2. Sacheverell, Henry. The Communication of Sin: A Sermon preach'd at the Assizes held at Derby, August 15th, 1709… Published at the request of the Gentlemen of the Grand-Jury. London: Printed for Henry Clements, 1709. ESTC T164184.
3. Sacheverell, Henry. The speech of Henry Sacheverell, D.D. upon his impeachment at the Bar of the House of Lords, in Westminster-Hall, March 7. 1709/10. London: Printed in the year, 1710. ESTC T49660.
4. Sacheverell, Henry. The answer of Henry Sacheverell. D.D. to the articles of impeachment, exhibited against him by the Honourable House of Commons, &c. For preaching two sermons, I. At the assizes held at Derby August 15th. II. At the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. Nov. 5th. 1709. To which are prefix'd, the articles of impeachment, translated from the Leiden Gazette, of the 11th, of February. N.S. London: Printed in the year, 1710. ESTC T21969.
5. (Sacheverell, Henry). Collections of passages referr'd to by Dr. Henry Sacheverell in his answer to the articles of his impeachment. Under Four heads: I. Testimonies Concerning the Doctrine of Non-Resistance to the Supreme Powers. II. Blasphemous, Irreligious, and Heretical Positions lately publish'd. III. The Church, and Clergy Abus'd. IV. The Queen, State, and Ministry reflected upon. The second edition. London: Printed for H. Clements, 1710. ESTC T82.
6. Burnet, Gilbert. The Bishop of Salisbury his speech in the House of Lords, on the first article of the impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell. London, Printed: and re-printed at Edinburgh, by James Watson, 1710. ESTC N32198.
7. (Burnet, Gilbert). A letter from a gentleman in London to a citizen of New-Sarum. With his answer to the same. London printed: and sold by the Booksellors of London and Westminster, 1710. ESTC T67605.
8. A.B. An answer to the arguments in the Lord Bishop of Oxford's speech, on the impeachment of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, in favour of resisting the supreme power. Humbly offer'd to His Lordship's consideration in a letter from A.B. London: Printed in the year, 1710. ESTC T77901.
9. [Ridpath, George]. The peril of being zealously affected, but not well: or, reflections on Dr. Sacheverel's sermon, preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and citizens of London, at the cathedral church of St. Paul, on the fifth of November, 1709. London: Printed for J. Baker, 1709. ESTC T13220.
10. (Sacheverell, Henry). The cherubim with a flaming sword, that appear'd on the fifth of November last, in the cathedral of St. Paul, to the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and sheriffs, and many hundreds of people, &c. Being a letter to my Lord M --, with remarks upon Dr. Sa--ll's sermon. London: Printed in the year, 1709. ESTC T30561.
11. [Stephens, William]. A modest reply to the unanswerable answer to Mr. Hoadly. With some considerations on Dr. Sacheverell's Sermon before the Lord Mayor, Novemb. 5. 1709. In a Letter to a Member of the Honourable House of Commons. London: Printed for J. Baker, 1709. ESTC T41352.
12. Maynwaring, Roger. Religion and allegiance: in two sermons, preach'd before the King's Majesty. The one, on the 4th of July, an. 1627, at Oatlands. The other, on the 29th of July, the same year, at Alderton. By Roger Maynwaring, Doctor in Divinity, One of His Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary, and then in his Month of Attendance. By His Majesty's Special Command. But afterwards burnt by Order of both Houses, suppress'd by Proclamation, and the Doctor impeach'd for them. London: Printed for Richard Badger, in the year 1627, and reprinted for John Baker, 1709. ESTC T46704.
13. (Maynwaring, Roger). The proceedings of the Lords and Commons in the year 1628. against Roger Manwaring Doctor in Divinity, (the Sacheverell of those days) for two seditious high-flying sermons, intitled, Religion and Allegiance. London: Printed for Ben. Bragge, 1709. ESTC T44521.
14. Blackall, Offspring. The subjects duty. A sermon preach'd at the parish-church of St. Dunstan in the West, on Thursday, March the 8th 1704/5. Being the anniversary day of Her Majesty's happy accession to the throne. By Ofspring Blackall, D. D. Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty, Now Bishop of Exon. Publish'd at the Request of the Gentlemen of the Vestry of the said Parish. London: Printed and sold by H. Hills, 1709. ESTC T56683.
15. Blackall, Offspring. The divine institution of magistracy, and the gracious Design of its Institution. A sermon Preach'd before the Queen, At St. James's, On Tuesday, March 8. 1708. Being the anniversary Of Her Majesty's Happy Accession to the throne. By Ofspring Lord Bishop of Exon. Published by Her Majesties Special Command. London: Printed and sold by H. Hills, [1709]. ESTC T5381.
16. Hoadly, Benjamin. Some considerations humbly offered to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter. Occasioned by his Lordship's sermon preached before Her Majesty, March 8. 1708. By Benjamin Hoadly, Rector of St. Peters Poor. London: Printed and sold by the booksellers of London, and Westminster, 1709. ESTC T155544.
17. Blackall, Offspring. The lord Bishop of Exeter's answer to Mr. Hoadly's letter. The second edition. London: Printed by J. Leake for W. Rogers, 1709. ESTC T41207.
18. Hoadly, Benjamin. An humble reply to the right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Exeter's answer. In which the considerations lately offered to his Lordship are vindicated: and an apology is added for defending the foundation of the present government. The second edition corrected. London: Printed, and sold by J. Baker, 1709. ESTC T18343.
19. [Leslie, Charles]. Best of all being the student's thanks to Mr. Hoadly. Wherein Mr. Hoadly's second part of his Measures of submission (which he intends soon to publish) is fully answer'd. If this does not stop it. And the only Original of government is fully demonstrated. And that is a law to all ages. In a letter to himself. Which he is desir'd to send, as an eye-salve, to his under-spurleather Mr. Stoughton the state-haranguer in Ireland. London: Printed and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster, 1710. ESTC T21557.
20. [Leslie, Charles?]. The best answer ever was made. And to which no answer ever will be made. (Not to be behind Mr. Hoadly in assurance) in answer to his bill of complaint exhibited against the Lord Bishop of Exeter, for his ... sermon preach'd ... March 8. 1708. ... in a letter to ... M. [sic] Hoadly himself. By a student of the temple. London: Printed and sold by J. Morpew, 1709. ESTC T21554.
21. A letter to a noble lord, About his Dispersing Abroad Mr. Hoadly's Remarks upon the Bishop of Exeter's sermon Before the queen, Humbly Recommending to his Lordship's Perusal an answer to it; entitul'd; The Best answer ever was made, &c. London: Printed for, and sold by John Baker, 1709. ESTC T53285.

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