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  • An Inquiry After Happiness. Complete in Two Volumes.

    • Lucas, Richard
    • London: Printed for J. Nunn [et al], 1818
    £80 Find Out More
  • Self-Knowledge: A Treatise Showing The Nature and Benefit...

    • Mason, John
    • Edinburgh: Printed by D. Schaw and Son, 1803
    £80 Find Out More
  • The History of France from the Origin of...

    • [Jones, David]
    • London: Printed for Daniel Brown, 1702
    £500 Find Out More
  • The Oriental Voyager; or, descriptive sketches and cursory...

    • Johnson, James
    • London: Printed by Joyce Gold... for James Asperne, 1807
    £350 Find Out More
  • The History of Ancient Europe, From The Earliest...

    • [Coote, Charles]
    • London: Printed for F. C. And J. Rivington [et al], 1815
    £200 Find Out More
  • A Journal During A Residence in France, From...

    • Moore, John
    • London: Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1793
    £250 Find Out More
  • The Art of Pleasing in Conversation: In French...

    • [Vaumorière, Pierre d'Ortigue de]
    • London: Printed by J. Darby, for A. Bettesworth, 1722
    £120 Find Out More
  • The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis.

    • Davis, Lydia
    • London: Hamish Hamilton, 2010
    £95 Find Out More
  • The Man of Taste. Occasion’s by an Epistle...

    • [Bramston, James]
    • London [i.e. Edinburgh]: Printed by J. Wright for Lawton Gilliver, 1733
    £150 Find Out More
  • “Bibliomania.”

    • [Brown, John Taylor]
    • Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas, 1867
    £60 Find Out More

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