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  • Elements of Political Economy. Second Edition, Revised and...

    • Mill, James
    • London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1824
    £500 Find Out More
  • Schottländische Briefe, oder, Merkwürdige Nachrichten von Schottland, und...

    • [Burt, Edward]
    • [Hannover]: [s.n.], 1760
    £250 Find Out More
  • Précis Élémentaire de Physiologie.

    • Magendie, François
    • Paris: Chez Méquignon-Marvis, 1816
    £500 Find Out More
  • A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble Authors...

    • [Walpole, Horace]
    • London: Printed for R. and J. Dodsley, 1759
    £220 Find Out More
  • Friendship in Death; in twenty letters from the...

    • Rowe, Elizabeth
    • London: Printed for W. Osborne and T. Griffin... and J. Mozley, 1784
    £75 Find Out More
  • Cobbett’s Tour in Scotland; and in the four...

    • Cobbett, William
    • London: Published at 11, Bolt Court, 1833
    £150 Find Out More
  • Institutionum Chronologicarum Libri Duo. Una cum totidem Arithmetices...

    • Beveridge, William
    • Londini [London]: Ex Officina Sam. Palmer. Impensis J. Knapton, 1721
    £200 Find Out More
  • Zoological Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution in...

    • Shaw, George
    • London: Printed for George Kearsley, 1809
    £400 Find Out More
  • A Compendious View of Natural and Revealed Religion....

    • Brown, John
    • Edinburgh: Printed by Murray & Cochrane. Sold by James Gillies and Andrew Macaulay, Booksellers, Glasgow, 1796
    £200 Find Out More
  • A Dissertation on the Properties and Efficacy of...

    • Leake, John
    • London: Printed for R. Baldwin, 1767
    £150 Find Out More

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