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  • Electa ex Ovidio, et Tibullo, in usum Regiae...

    • Ovid
    • Etonae [Eton]: Excudebant M. Pote, et E. Williams, 1799
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  • The Works of Robert Burns; with an Account...

    • Burns, Robert
    • London: Printed for T. Cadell, Jun. and W. Davies, 1802
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  • De Motu Marium et Ventorum Liber.

    • Vossius, Isaac
    • Hagae-Comitis [The Hague]: Ex Typographia Adriani Vlacq, 1663
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  • Mithridates King of Pontus, a Tragedy: Acted at...

    • Lee, Nathaniel
    • London: Printed by R.E. for James Magnes and Rich. Bentley, 1678
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  • Tenants Law: a treatise of great use, for...

    • (Law) 'R.T. Gent.'
    • London: Printed by T.M. for S.S. and are to be sold by W. Jacob, 1670
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  • Universal History, Ancient and Modern; in a Series...

    • Turner, Richard
    • London: Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1787
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  • History of the Later Roman Commonwealth, From the...

    • Arnold, Thomas
    • London: B. Fellowes; F. and J. Rivington [et al.], 1845
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  • The Tale of Lohengrin, Knight of the Swan....

    • (Pogany) Rolleston, T. W.
    • London: G.G. Harrap & Co., 1912
    £200 Find Out More
  • Morals, by way of Abstract. To which is...

    • Seneca the Younger
    • Boston: I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews, 1792
    £750 Find Out More
  • Cortez; or, the conquest of Mexico: as related...

    • Campe, Joachim Heinrich
    • London: Sampson Low, 1799
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