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Position: Bookseller & Shop Assistant

McNaughtan’s Bookshop & Typewronger Books

Full time position (38 hours/week): Tues/Weds/Sat 11am – 5pm; Thurs/Fri 11am – 9pm

McNaughtan’s Bookshop is the oldest secondhand and antiquarian bookshop in Scotland, and the only shop in Edinburgh with full membership of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association. Typewronger Books is Edinburgh’s newest indie bookshop & publisher, and Scotland’s only typewriter shop.

McNaughtan’s & Typewronger operate on the same premises and are looking for an employee to work full time, split between the two businesses.

This is an ideal position for someone keen to develop experience with the ins & outs of bookselling across its entire range, from brand new releases and indie publications to secondhand, rare, collectable, and antiquarian books.

The right candidate will understand that, as often in small businesses, there are a wide variety of roles essential to the job. These will range from sweeping steps, cleaning & tidying shelves, and packing customer orders all the way up to customer service, meeting brand reps, organizing publication & printing projects, running events, and handling & researching antiquarian and collectable books. This is an entry-level position but with very considerable room to grow in duties and responsibilities.

Essential Qualities

  1. A Dynamic, Outgoing Personality

The right candidate will be able to chat at ease with any customer of any background. Typewronger is a talking shop where conversation is key. McNaughtan’s is quieter, but with the highest level of personal service in specialist areas. Confidence and kindness, and a good whack of joie de vivre are vital.

  1. Interest in Books

Candidates should be readers, not only of classics but contemporary work, and demonstrate a knowledge and desire to learn more about publishers, authors, and all sides of the book business, both historical and contemporary.

  1. Attention to Detail

Bookshops carry a wider range of unique stock items than any other business of comparable size, and secondhand and collectable books add consideration of condition, edition, issue point, etc. Being able to pick up and notice these details is of prime importance.

  1. Proficiency with computers

As with any modern business, use of Word, Excel, and various specialized applications (in this case stock management systems, publisher’s programs, desktop publishing and photo-editing software) are a regular part of the job.

Desirable Qualities

Experience in bookshop/library environment (either with new or old books)

Customer service experience

Language skills (classical and/or modern)

Potential Duties

Cleaning and tidying both shops and their stock, alphabetising, managing displays

Opening & closing shop, customer service, till duty and cash handling, making tea & origami

Wrapping and packing customer orders, managing subscriptions

Book photography, basic typewriter servicing

Organising and participating in events both on and off-site (e.g. festivals, book fairs)

Talking to brand reps, ordering, pricing, developing new shop sections

Training to collate, identify, value, and catalogue antiquarian and collectable books

Salary: £17,785 p.a.

Apply by CV and covering letter (explaining why you are a good fit for this role) to: jobs@mcnaughtans.co.uk

 Closing date: 13th May 2019

Location & Opening Times

3a & 4a Haddington Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4AE

Temporary Opening Hours

Open 1pm - 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday